Church Windows and Doors


Beautiful Leadlight church windows and doors made from California Redwood. These items were all souced from the Elsternwick Baptist Church in Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick, which was built around 1880.

To give you an idea of how these windows and doors could be used in a special project, I have included a few pictures of the church reno I did a few years ago. I used the windows and doors as features in bedrooms, it creates a spectacular wow factor in a room especially when light is passing through them. You could used those large doors for an entrance into a grand master bedroom, dining room or entrance way. The windows could be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, or as part of a wall partition as a unique eye catching feature. 

These are the last of the windows and doors left, they are original, you cant make them new for this price and church windows and doors are rarely available for sale (which is why I originally snapped them up for my church reno when I saw them) People who have previously puchased include those renovating churches, features in bathroom, feature in a greenhouse and building a new wedding chapel as part of a tourist site. Other ideas include for a studio or unique holiday rental cabin.

Available individually or will do a deal on the lot. See Prices for each piece below with aproximate dimensions shown.


* 4 x lead -light windows, fixed (not opening) H 2520 x W 910 = $2,800 EACH

* 2 x Church entyrance doors with above lead-light window H 3700 x W 1230 = $2,800 EACH

* 1 x Church entrance door frame with lead light arch window, no doors. H 3105 x 1230 $1000 EACH. Note : the glass window has its own frame so could easily be seperated from the door frame and used as a small seperate window.

*** List price is for one of the stunning large fixed leadlight windows. See above for indivual item prices ****

All in excellent condition given their age and inspected by a leadlight specialist with 35 years

experience and by multiple builders, all have given their stamp of approval for the good condition they are in.  Available for viweing at Waverley Antique Bazaar, 88 Garden Road, Clayton Stall C3

Note: you will need to organise your own transport.